Bibles needed for Iran

Multitudes upon multitudes with open hearts

“Tell me about Jesus! Do you have Bibles?” This is the continuous cry of Muslim-Iranians, especially the youth, who literally flocks around you in the street, like moths to the only light in the night. Not one who have received a Bible, have rejected it, but instead, acts like children who are joyful about a birthday present. A quiet revival is sweeping through the country.

Iran is known for being Islamic and closed to the Gospel, but few western Christians know about the multitudes upon multitudes in this nation with open hearts. “We are tired of religion; we want to see what the truth is!” This is the outcry of the Iranian people today.

“I will set My throne in Elam (today Iran)

and destroy her king and officials,”

declares the LORD.

“Yet I will restore the fortunes

of Elam in days to come,”

declares the LORD. Jeremiah 49 : 38 - 39

What a powerful promise! “To set His throne” is to establish His Kingdom in the hearts of the Iranians. This prophetic word spoken by God to Jeremiah is coming to fulfillment before our own eyes. As negative news from Iran dominates the headlines, God is building His church behind the scenes in this nation!

Thirty years of Islamic revolution has made the Iranians the most open Muslim people in the world to Christ. “Islam just brought us oppression, depression, fear and death…there is no hope in it. We hate Islam!” is the typical response you will get from the Iranian youth.

The Iran-Iraq war in the 80’s, which lasted for almost a decade, resulted in 70% of Iran’s 70 million people being currently below the age of 30. Therefore, Iran is full of young people searching for hope, vision and peace. The protest in the streets after the June 2009 election is just an example of the people’s immense desperation for some ray of hope.

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision. - Joel 3:14

Throughout the nation of Iran, people are searching for truth. In their desperate search they either turn to other false religions or to drugs, but searching they are!

New Testaments desperately needed!

Iranian church leaders believe that millions can be added to the church in the next few years – such is the spiritual hunger in Iran.

Christians have sent in hundreds of thousands of New Testaments into Iran but the demand dwarfs the supply. According to the church of Iran, if more than ten million Persian New Testaments were available, it would still not be enough.

Millions of Iranians are hungry to read the Christian Scriptures, but printing and importing the Bible is strictly illegal in Iran. However, the brave distributors, who risk their lives spreading the Gospel, always want more Bibles to supply the desperate need in Iran for the Word of God.

With this great vastness of the ripe fields and the increasing spiritual hunger of the Iranian people, the supply of Farsi New Testaments quickly fades away.

One Iranian girl said she desperately made up her own Bible by writing down on sheets of paper some scriptures she heard over Satellite TV.

Please help Elam Ministries to print and send 12 million

New Testaments to Iran

Our vision is to print and distribute 12 million Farsi (Persian) New Testaments to Iran.

Please take part with us in this great harvest opportunity of Iranian souls.

We, as the church, cannot dare to miss this wonderful opportunity for spreading the Gospel in Iran!

The approximate cost to print and distribute one New Testament (in the Farsi language) to Iran is £3 or $5.

Your gift, small or large, will help us to take advantage of this great window of opportunity and bring the hope and peace of Jesus Christ into a closed land with the most open hearts.

We are thankful for you!